Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween-Turning Pages Style

While we’re really different in a lot of ways, one common denominator—neither of us cares much for dressing up on Halloween (Virginia is fond of dressing up, pretty much every day, but she likes to go as herself). We didn’t let that stand in the way of our fun this past weekend when we attended Oakland, CA book club Turning Pages’ Halloween shindig.

The theme was “Dynamic Duos” and we were their guests, along with buddies and first time writer pairing Candice Dow and Daaimah Poole (who just turned in their manuscript for We Take This Man). Oaklander Mary B. Morrison ably represented the tandem of Morrison and Weber, who brought you She Ain’t the One (we hear He Ain’t the One is on the way) since New Yorker Carl Weber observes his own personal no-fly zone and California was a little far to drive over the weekend. Michelle McGriff was also solo, since sadly, her writing partner on The Legend of Morning, T.L. Gardner, had a death in the family.

The Turning Pages members were definitely in the spirit, and showed lots of creativity in dressing as their favorite duos. The Green Hornet and Kato, Nelson and Winnie Mandela (these members met at the book club and later married. Who said reading isn’t romantic?), and Count Blacula and his Mistress of Darkness among others (we’ve got lots of photos below). The big winners for the night were a round, brown Austin Powers and his very own Foxy Cleopatra. And we give props to book club co-founder Deborah Burton Johnson’s husband, who went along gamely as a last minute Fred Flintstone, big feet and all, after their Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny costumes got lost in the mail.

Daaimah and Candice were our very own Salt n Peppa. And after much consideration, we decided to come as each other. So, we started the evening with matching dresses and our own hair. Later, we snuck off for a ladies room break where we switched jewelry and donned wigs making Donna an instant blonde and giving Virginia a brown-haired flashback. Either our costumes were unsuccessful or too successful. It took people a while to figure out anything was different!

Even with all the fun, we had a chance to talk books. Each pair described how they write together, and no two were alike. The book conversation continued on Sunday when Candice and Daaimah met with We Turn Pages Too, the book club for 20 somethings. There is also Teens Turning Pages, Children Turning Pages, and Babies Turning Pages, because as the club motto states, Reading is For Everyone!

We have a great time when we get to meet with book clubs. We love to hear what you think and what you’re reading, and share what goes into our books, so we hope to see lots of book club members on our tour for Gotta Keep on Tryin’ (our schedule so far is posted on our October 18th blog and check our website at for updates). We look forward to our brunch with Tabahani Book Club in Long Beach, CA. And please let us where you and your book club members are going to join us!

Turning Pages Dynamic Duos Halloween Party Pics

Fred Flintstone with his arms full of Salt 'n Peppa AKA Daaimah Poole and Candice Dow

The inimitable Mary Morrison came as...Mary Morrison with spider!

Stolen from the Las Vegas TV ad where the women switch wigs in the ladies' room--we came as each other!!

Wicked Witch of the West--don't you just love those stockings?!

Rockin' Royals--Cleo and Julius!!

Foxy and Austin at it again--you should have seen his teeth!

Raggedy Ann and Andy posing for the paparazzi--in their prize winning duds!

Marilyn and Wilma? No! It's Turning Pages Founders Taynay Matsumoto and Deborah Burton-Johnson lookin' fine!

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