Monday, June 23, 2008

And the survey says...

When we asked you to break down the five ‘must have’ scenes for Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made—the Movie, we knew it was a hard assignment. Even David Letterman does a top ten list. Some of you flat out told us it was impossible and gave us more. Some combined events to make a kind of flow of scenes. Hey, we can work with it. Thanks for taking on the challenge. Here are the results:

5—TIE—Pat and Gayle’s reunion at A Hand Up, the shelter.
Ramsey finds Gayle at the cemetery, asks for the picture frame. Then Gayle finds there is money hidden in it.

4—Gayle meets Ramsey and falls for him. They elope.

3—Pat and Marcus kiss in the basement.

2—TIE—The hotel room. Pat has confronted her father, storms back to her room, but doesn’t realize that Gayle is the maid.
Pat goes with Marcus for a trip on his boat. They admit they are in love. They elope.

And the number one ‘gotta have it’ scene—this one was on pretty much everybody’s list:

Pat, Gayle and Marcus walk home from school. Freddy is accidentally shot.

There were several scenes that just missed the list:
--Gayle loosing her house.
--Gayle and Pat fall out after Gayle does not accompany Pat for the abortion.
--Pat on the ferry for her Martha’s Vineyard summer

The good news is we get to bring you more than five scenes, but it’s still hard to make choices! Thanks for your input. We’ll have other questions to ask you along the way.

And congratulations to our winner of the galley of our next book, MELISSA WELLS of Florida!!! Her galley of What Doesn’t Kill You –coming in January of 2009—is on the way.

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