Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie on Starz

We shared with you that in addition to Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made, Far From the Tree is also in development for film. And as those of you have kept up with our bulletins, blogs and newsletters know this summer we also talked a lot about Something Is Killing Tate, the first full length feature produced by our Far From the Tree producer, Jessica Funches. So we wanted to let you know that Something is Killing Tate will premiere THIS WEEK on the Starz (In Black) cable network on 11-25-08, 11:20PM PST / 11-26-08, 2:20AM EST. The film won 11 festival awards this year! So watch if you’re around and/or up and please TiVo or DVR it if you’re not!
Thanks a bunch!

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posted by DeBerry and Grant at 12:04 PM


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