Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today's the Day! Buy the Book!!!

Today, January 6, is the official release date for our new book, What Doesn't Kill You and we’re totally jazzed! When we were writing this book we couldn’t have imagined that our character’s story would be so current. Life is funny that way. This is the book we thought would be our first with Simon & Schuster, our new publisher, but they requested a sequel to Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made, so we put the story of Tee Hodges' personal economic meltdown on the back burner and decided to write Gotta Keep on Tryin' which you all know came out last year. We guess things happen in the way and at the time they are supposed to--whatever we think!

So because of Grace and serendipity, here we are in January 2009 and What Doesn’t Kill You is coming to a bookstore near you. And, in light of what is happening in our country's economy--with so many people facing unemployment and dealing with all of the fallout from a sudden, drastic and unexpected change in their lives, this seems like just the RIGHT time for this book!

FYI this book is NOT a downer-- in September, the Publisher's Weekly review said it was "The anti-pity party: snappy, fun and inspiring." And we've told you before--WE LOVE THIS BOOK AND WE LOVE TEE HODGES. She is everywoman--in more ways than we can count.

What Doesn't Kill You, is perhaps one of the most personal of any of the novels we have written-- for a number of reasons. And while neither of us is exactly Tee many of her trials and tribulations are ones we became all too familiar with back in 2002 after our deal with our previous publisher fell apart and left us in a financial lurch. We will post a blog (http://twomindsfull.blogspot.com) about the personal side of this story next week as we approach the Jan. 20 deadline for our contest: "Tell Us Your Best Broke Story" (http://deberryandgrant.com)

You may or may not be aware that for better or worse, books have now fallen into the same category as movies--they REQUIRE a "strong opening week" in order to remain on the shelves. So we’re asking you to shop early for your copy of What Doesn't Kill You, even if it’s not your book club pick until April or July. (It's OK if you shop often too--WDKY will make a great gift!). Some of you may be planning to get your copy at one of the signing events we're having and that's wonderful. But if your city isn't one of the tour cities (http://deberryandgrant.com/DGTours.html), please go to your local bookstore or one of the online booksellers to place your order--we'll be happy to sign it whenever we see you--or you can mail us the book (return postage please!) and we'll happily sign and return! AND please feel free to pass the word along to your lists!

Thank you for supporting us and all the other writers who give you the kind of stories you want to read and share, for emailing us, for telling your friends about our books—and convincing them to buy their own copies, for coming to our events, for encouraging us to keep on writin'!

We wish for you a 2009 chock full of the good stuff!

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Anonymous Dawn said...

I just finished reading What Doesn't Kill You and I'm here to say, I absolutely loved it. I've read all of your books and have enjoyed each and every one, but this one will go down as my favorite.

I loved Tee's voice, which I found breathy. When I say that I mean she had a lot to say and it seems she didn't take a breath. Generally this is distracting to me because I would forget from where the character transitioned from. But not Tee; I was so engrossed in her story, I had to keep reading. I could truly relate to a lot of what went on and some things, not. The great children, the ex whom I'd outgrown, the opinionated parents, the BFF group and definitely the bills. I also learned a few lessons from her. I generally rate books on a scale of 1-5 and this is definitely on the high end.

There was only one thing missing, for me, I wanted the Live Five to know that Tee heard them loud and clear. I wanted them to know they hurt her; I wanted them to get theirs. I needed to see that! I guess for Tee success is great equalizer.

When I finished I wanted more; I wanted to know how she and big-sexy turned out but then, maybe her story is finished. Again, great story and the technique used to tell it was a coup for me.

11:11 AM  
Blogger DeBerry and Grant said...

Thank you so much Dawn! We're thrilled that you got a kick out of Tee's roller coaster of a journey. We had a ball with her--and her "breathy" voice! And yes, we would like to bring her back--so please post your comment on Amazon and encourage others you know who've read What Doesn't Kill You to do the same--the publisher pays attention.
Thanks again!

12:18 PM  

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