Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Survivor Connection

You look at a show like Survivor and you think, "Who are these people, and how to they step out of their lives for 2 months, to do what? Eat vermin, and live in the jungle? And that's the easy part? Who would do that? Well, it turns out we actually know someone who is doing it--our friend, Taj Johnson-George (a/k/a Taj of SWV, a/k/a Mrs. Eddie George, a/k/a "I Married a Baller a/k/a co-author, with Katrina Chambers, of PLAYERhateHER ) is currently a contestant on Survivor Toucatins.

Taj takes on the Tocantins Welcome to S2Smagazine.com
So we're both amazed-- Donna at least goes camping, but she does believe in amenities like a tent, an air mattress and a cooler full of goodies to cook over the fire--loves that smokey flavor. Virginia, on the other hand, is horrified at the idea of a hotel without 24/7 room service, so we won't even talk about feeling your way in the dark to find a nice leafy spot for that 3 A.M. bathroom run and believes the smokey flavor from the grill on the patio is just fine thank you. Taj has been saying she did the whole livin' on grass and bugs in 110 degrees thing to get rid of the baby weight. Guess Weight Watchers didn't cut it. So, we're rooting for her. And we know she can't give us any inside scoop while the competition is going on. But once it's over, boy have we got lots of questions.

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