Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot. Hot! HOT!!

From Donna

Hot, Hot, HOT!!!

The air conditioner in my car died. Just died, unceremoniously. One minute I was cool, singing along with Mary J. Blige (“Too strong for too long, and I can’t be without you, baby). Next moment there’s oven air blowing at me through the vents. I pushed buttons like a crazy woman. ‘Off’ was the only one that changed the situation. Notice I didn’t say made it better, although I guess still hot air is better than blowing hot air. I was not happy. I was even less happy when I took it to the shop and found out it would be $2,200 to fix it (Are you kidding!!!). Now, the economics of $2200 spent on a 9 year old car sporting 105,000 miles was clear to me—not happening!

Of course it waited until scorching, humid August to croak—it’s some law of the mechanical universe. I, however, decided I could take it. I reminisced about how we didn’t have air conditioning when I was a girl—not in the house, or in the car. Oops, we didn’t have a car. Anyway, back in the good old days (yeah, right) we got by with window fans, so I could do it now. We are all so spoiled by our gizmos and gadgets. Our foremother’s got by with no fans, or cars, or phones or shoes or. . . blah, blah, blah. Uh huh, right.

So, I’ve been driving around with the windows rolled down, like in the olden days. Did I mention there is no breeze when the car is stuck in traffic? Or that I now believe the inventor of the Easy-Bake Oven got the idea while stopped in a traffic jam, because I truly think I could bake cookies on the dashboard. I have to fight the urge to run over pedestrians and other vehicles because I want to keep going so I can catch a breeze. And that sweat drips off the ends of my hair and runs in rivulets down my face, and glues my skirt to my thighs—not cute. Or that now I remember clearly how hot I used to be as a kid, stretched out in my bed, PJ’s stuck to my body, tryin’ to get to sleep?

OK, it’s official. I have been spoiled by gadgets. So, I am officially longing for fall—sweater, anyone. And when it gets really bad, I may have to borrow my husband’s car. He barely uses it anyway.

Stay cool!

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Blogger A GA Peach said...

Oh, but I feel for you. I run to my car to get into air conditioning since the central air conditioning in the house went last month!(A result of our highly respected builder using builder grade appliances and systems, thank you very much.)

So, like you, I too am anxiously looking at the trees looking for signs of fall because this heat is a killer. When it gets too unbearable I head to the office downtown. Movies are cool places, and you get to see a movie, too! Ha, ha.

6:17 PM  

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