Monday, August 13, 2007


We’re visiting a friend in Atlanta. We were headed downstairs to make coffee and fire up the laptop to do Mother Mondays before heading home, when Virginia decided to take the express route down--sliding on her butt. Donna was at the bottom and able to help stop the slide midway. Now we’re in the kitchen, with our mugs. Virginia has had ibuprofen and an icepack--she’s a little shaky, but OK. So here goes.

Last week we were talking about 90 year old Aunt Eleanor, surrounded by her children, grands, and more. This week, our friend’s daughter is a new Mom (We blogged about her wedding about 18 months ago)--baby Kayla is four months old and already turning herself over, teething, stretching her legs like she wants to stand up and trying to talk. Our friend laughs and says Kayla got every bit of it honestly--her mother was just as precocious and one talking child. So, do we start becoming our mothers long before we’re mothers ourselves, or middle-aged and fighting off hormonal havoc? Or does it start while we’re in utero-- doing the back stroke in the womb and absorbing Mom vibes?

While Kayla chattered and drooled there was a gleeful look in our friend’s eye. Some of it was Granna pride, and warm, baby lotion scented memories of her own daughter in onesies. But in that look there was also more than a little dash of turn about is fair play, what goes around comes around and payback is a. . .

Moms say it all the time-- “I hope you get one just like you some day.” It’s usually said at some moment when they’re supremely peeved because you’ve drawn a giant duck on the living room wall or insist on wearing a skirt that’s too short, “ ‘cause everybody wears it like this.” What doesn’t become apparent until much later, is that there’s really a blessing in it too. Because as the years go by and the minor infractions fade, what remains are bits and pieces of the endearing things you used to do--the homemade Mother’s Day cards, or the first time you cooked dinner without her help--the happy memories collected on your way to becoming just like dear ol’ mom.

So here are ten more signs you’re becoming your mother--and we’re off to catch a plane!

40) You collect articles with titles like “Your Retirement and You.”

41) You actually read your AARP membership offer instead of throwing it away like you used to.

42) You finally join AARP because of all those good discounts.

43) Everyone in your family calls a week before Thanksgiving and asks what time you’re serving dinner.

44) You’re finally entrusted with great-great Grandma’s recipe for prune pies--whether you liked them or not.

45) You know from personal experience the weight doesn’t come off like it used to.

46) A hat just feels better in winter and you wear the warm one, not the cute one.

47) The music you like to listen to is played in supermarkets and on “hold.”

48) Your kids roll their eyes when you call CD’s “albums.”

49) You actually want to see movies with PG ratings.

50) You find gray hairs and they’re not on your head.
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Blogger Yasmin said...

50) You find gray hairs and they’re not on your head.

I hated when this first happened...and I wasn't anywhere near being old enough to have gray hair...or at least I thought.

10:37 AM  

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