Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Lure of Adventure

We are being pulled by the lure of adventure—or more accurately, we are being pulled by the contemplation of the possibility of adventure. Could it be more on the fence, more inconclusively muddy, than that? Maybe, but you gotta start somewhere.

We talk all the time about a cross country car trip. A non-violent, Brad Pitt-less version of Thelma & Louise, replete with convertible and good wine. In fact, long before Oprah and Gayle took off on their well documented, highly publicized, totally sponsored—see the USA in your Chevrolet-- coast to coast junket, we talked about doing the same thing. (Sans the bickering and complaining—ok well maybe there’d be a little complaining—but not about each other—‘cause we both like to crank up the tunes and sing. Isn’t that what road trips are for?) And along the way we would write about, the places we had seen, people we met, amazing meals and heartburn specials, and the deep, insightful conversations that carried us along the stretches of blacktop as we whizzed past golden wheat fields, tumbling sagebrush and steaming roadkill.

We’ll get to that, one day. But since we have a book to complete by January, this is not the day. So in the mean time we contemplate less time consuming adventurous possibilities, because every girl needs a good adventure or two—keeps the blood pumping and your eyes smiling. The thinking part is not a problem—we can dream up craziness at a moment’s notice. But we are at least moderately mindful of not seriously injuring our middle aged selves.

Since the mind is a terrible thing to waste, we are endeavoring not to be wasteful. We’ve both come up with something to dare ourselves to do.

Donna’s Big Top Adventure: She has investigated trapeze school—not quite lion taming, or knife throwing---and there’s no Cirque de Soleil in her future—although she does have a fondness for the sequined costumes, but she has loved the swings since being pushed in the baby swings in the park. There’s actually a school for Flying Wallenda wannabees, in Brooklyn of all places. The first phone call—“Is there a weight limit?” Not being a petite flower, it’s was a legitimate inquiry, because the wrong answer could be the end of the fantasy or the beginning of a diet. But she came in under the wire—barely. Virginia has threatened to come to her lesson, take pictures (which she would publish on the blog) and try very hard not to roll with laughter. We’ll see.

Virginia Does Dating: Online Dating. YIKES!! VdB claims, “You know me. I’m happily single, so it would be a social experiment—something to blog about.” Donna is already rolling with laughter and threatens to delete Virginia’s eHarmony/Match.com application—if she actually bites that bullet. After all, Ms DeBerry is hardly wanting for male suitors. As a matter of fact, our friend Keryl has nicknamed her “Buzz-Buzz” because men flock around like bees. Talk about a reality series.

So for now, we’ll enjoy our fantasies and keep you posted if they actually turn into more than that.

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