Monday, August 20, 2007


And it’s Mother Monday—again. Seems like we just made it through last Monday, but Mondays are like that, and we’ve had a wild week—including dinner a table away from a certain comedian who looks as much like a bullfrog in person as he does on TV—no, he didn’t insult us, his trademark. Then there was a birthday dinner with a hugely popular radio personality, a big time bestselling literary luminary and a hotshot television exec (No we’re not gonna tell you who!). So Monday is a reality check—back to the real world—at least our real world.

And isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do? Make sure you keep it real? They don’t care who you had dinner or rode in the limo with—they still expect you to clear the table, take out the garbage, dress like you've got some class, carry tissues in your purse, make your bed and eat your vegetables. However high and mighty we get, we all need the people around us who will tell us when we're going into orbit. Years ago, as friends, we gave each other permission to snatch the other one back to earth if need be. Our Moms didn't need permission and we thank them.

Donna's mom is recovering nicely--getting better every day.

Virginia’s mom’s birthday is Tuesday. So Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and although I know its too late—as you remind me often, I am John DeBerry’s daughter (sometimes I’m so much like my dad it’s scary—good scary, but scary nonetheless)---it would be great if I were more like you!!!

So ANYWAY--Here's the next 10 signs you're becoming more and more like dear old MOM:

50) You find yourself having conversations that begin with "When I was a girl..."

51) You know exactly how long the baking soda has been on the back shelf of the refrigerator, and you can smell it's time for a change.

52) You clean behind furniture, on top of the refrigerator and other places-- even if the dirt doesn't show.

53) You hear yourself say, "It would be better (smarter, easier, cheaper, faster) if you did it this way, and you're right. But you also know they'll have to find out the same way you did--the hard way.

54) You celebrate the New Year with a toast--whole wheat, the next morning, along with orange juice and a cup of decaf.

55) You get a phone call from your child and from just the word hello you know to ask, "What's wrong?"

56) You complain because you can't find any clothes in fashion magazines that you could possibly wear.

57) You keep birthday cards around way past the day--just because.

58) You don't have enough time to do all the things you need to, much less any left over to waste.

59) You go to the movies, but can't imagine being romanced by the leading man because he's young enough to be your son—or maybe you can (which makes you feel a little weird because maybe your Mom did too!)
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