Thursday, December 20, 2007


We’re fully aware that life imitates art sometimes, but last night we had a very literal dose of it, which fortunately has a happy ending.

Yesterday afternoon we were holed up in the writer’s bunker, finishing our next, next book (What Doesn’t Kill You will be out in Jan ’09). The main character has a situation where she must ask an acquaintance to get out of her bed and meet her at the emergency room. Don’t you know that at 9:30 last night one of Virginia’s neighbor’s called to ask if we could take her to the emergency room. She had fallen in the bathroom, had a blinding headache and was afraid she had a concussion. We looked at each other like, “This can’t be happening,” then we were out the door.

Well, the good news is that after exams and a CT scan it was determined she did not have a concussion, so we stopped at the all-night pharmacy for meds and dropped her home at 1:30 in the morning. And we’re still shaking our heads at the coincidence—or was it?

So we’re back to work this morning. We would prefer for our story to stay on the page today. We know what we put our characters through and we’d like life to be a bit more tranquil than that. Although a little excitement is always welcome, especially book news.

Earlier in the week we got our first poster for Gotta Keep on Tryin’, which was really cool. It’s our fifth book, but the first one to have a poster! We grinned at them for a while, then put them back in the box so they don’t distract us from work.

January 8th, the official pub date, is coming fast! Several book clubs have told us they are re-reading Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made to refresh their memories so they are ready to dive into the sequel. A little hint—there’s an extra chapter in the trade paper edition of Tryin’ (that’s the paperback that’s the size of a hard cover) that was not in the hardcover. It’s a chapter about Marcus and it gives you additional insight into a situation that comes up in the sequel. A new edition of Tryin’, with the extra chapter and a brand new cover (pink and purple instead of the orange) will be available in January too.

OK—enough excitement for one day. Our book tour schedule is available on our website: and on our myspace page: Give us a holler if you’re planning to join us along the way. We love hearing from you.

BTW–we just got a great Gotta Keep on Tryin’ review from Patrik Bass on the site and we have some early book club reviews which we’ll start to post next week….


Gotta Keep on Tryin'
Remember those you-go-girl! novels of the mid-nineties? They often featured three or four friends with good jobs, great clothes and gigantic man drama. One of the best of the bunch was 1997’s Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made by real-life friends Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant. That story of blue-collar-born beauty Gayle Saunders and her brainy cut buddy Pat Reid, was a richly layered tale with twists that made this a not-to be-missed tearjerker. Though the writing duo did well with 2001’s Far From the Tree and 2004’s Better Than I Know Myself, their fans have been clamoring to know what happened with their favorite folks from Bed. At last, DeBerry and Grant are giving readers what they want with Gotta Keep on Tryin’ (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, $24). This worthy sequel finds Gayle, Pat and romantic interest Marcus Carter (yes, he’s still in the picture) grappling with all kinds of plot surprises, especially involving their children—at least the ones they’re sure are theirs.
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