Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...this is it! We’re about to head off on the Gotta Keep on Tryin’ tour, which means that our blog may not be the regular Monday and Thursdays it has been for the past several months. Mostly because nothing about our existence on the road will be regular. We’re veterans at this tour thing—this makes number six—but, like writing, it doesn’t get any easier. Seventeen signings, in eleven cities in eleven days—and that doesn’t count radio and/or TV interviews which pop up in between events—so you can see we’ll be pretty busy. And we usually reach a point near the end—maybe around city number eight or nine—when we wake up in a hotel and have no idea what city we’re in. We find the phone book and, “about town” guide very helpful then! Not that we’re complaining. We always have a good time traveling together, and the best fun is talking to readers we have come to know, and meeting new folks along the way.

BUT we have been asked by many of you if we’ll keep you updated with what’s happening while we are traveling. So we’re taking laptop, digital camera and BlackBerry— and we’re really gonna Keep Tryin’ to post. Our notes may be shorter than usual, but we’re sure they’ll be fun— anything and everything can happen along the way!

We hope to meet many of you as we visit some of our favorite cities and booksellers, and go to some places we’ve never been before—like Sacramento, CA and Columbia, SC! Our tour schedule is listed on our website--deberryandgrant.com and on myspace.com/twomindsfull.

Remember, Gotta Keep on Tryin’ is available now—in a variety of formats—Regular Ol’ book, e-Book, Kindle reader, audio tape, mp3, cd, audio digital download—and wherever—online retailer, national chain bookstores, independent booksellers, member warehouse retailers, as well as discount retailers—however you like to get your read on.!

We thank you. We love you. We especially appreciate you for supporting what we do!

Next post from California?!!!!!

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