Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Brand New Venture!

They're Here!!!!

Get your original TiffiBag™, by DeBerry & Grant

TiffiBag—we did it just like Tiffan”I” did in Gotta Keep on Tryin'—scouting for funky-cool remnants and having totes made to accompany us everywhere— evening, church, brunch, or book club meeting! The Tiffi size we’ve started with is big enough for a book, your water, a snack—maybe for two. . . Small enough to tuck in your purse for whatever comes your way.

All the fabrics are limited editions--so when it's gone, it's gone!

Sure you’ve got bags from work, conferences and conventions but Tiffani Alexander thought you might like a bag that says a little more—about you.

A tote bag with style.
A tote bag with sophistication.
A tote bag like no other.

A bag made to go with you everywhere looking good matters.

Each Original TiffiBag measures approximately 11” x 13” and is hand crafted from an array of beautiful, limited edition, upholstery quality fabrics and each is embellished with an imported, handmade, glass beaded tassel—because you know Tiffani likes a little sparkle and flash.

AND they make great gifts!

Here’s a preview but please visit our website for prices, individual photos and descriptions!!


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