Friday, March 14, 2008

NYC Book Party at B. Smith's Restaurant

Guess what? --We're facing yet another deadline. Our review of the copyedited manuscript for What Doesn't Kill You (Jan. 2009) is due Monday--quiet as kept it was due today--but you know how that goes. And we won't have tomorrow because we're doing a book event at the Phillipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. So, instead of going out and enjoying the lovely springish day, we are pouring over the copyeditors notes. Is a comma better than a dash here? Do we mean Froot Loops Marshmallow or Froot Loops Marshmallow Blast? How do we feel about a semi colon after_____ --you get the picture. But we were really happy to find several places where she wrote "ha ha!" because it's hard to make a copyeditor laugh! We'll get a chance for another look at the manuscript in another month or so, but the more we deal with now, the better. All of which means that we're kinda blog deficient this week. Although our little riff on Spitzer-gate did spark some interesting comments both here, on MySpace and in emails we've received.

So what we have today is a few pictures from the 2/19 Book Party at B.Smith's in New York.

V&D Signing early in the evening

Laughing and talking with our friend and party host, Ed DeVeaux. Our co-producer Tracey Kemble is to DG's left.

Nobi and Tuesday, Editors of Jersey Woman Magazine. We have an interview coming soon!

With Monique DuBosz--our new friend from France

With our host!
Virginia with good friends Gus (right) and Walter
And who's hand is that?

Virginia and our friend Bernard Donna in the foreground with good friend Dorian Swain (in pink) the best party helper in the world! Two for two!! Thanks Dorian. And on the right, our friend and fellow author, (Crystelle Mourning) Eisa Ulen
Was it really that funny?
Virginia far left and Donna far right flank Donna's friends from FIRST GRADE!!!!
Donna with her high school friends Scott Edelman, Editor of SciFi Magazine and Lorraine

Donna and her Mom Gloria
Virginia, author Gigi James, Donna
Us with Madaline Sparks--who was one of the very first plus size models in the industry. She was already there when we showed up! Now she does the gardening column at Real Simple Magazine
Us with our friend plus super model, Emme

With our co-producers from 4 Colored Girls Productions:Tyrha Lindsey & Tracey Kemble
Posing with fellow author (Playing by the Rules) and good friend Elaine Meryl Brown Having a good giggle with our buddy, actress Suzzanne Douglas--boy have we had some crazy, fun times together!
Fellow author Karen Siplin (His Insignificant Other, Whiskey Road -May 2008) and her husband Harris. A toast with our host!

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posted by DeBerry and Grant at 9:43 AM


Anonymous Eisa said...

What a great party! I can't believe the books sold out before I could buy one...


11:24 PM  
Blogger DeBerry & Grant said...

Can you believe it? But if that was the worst thing to happen it was really all good!! We had such a great time and we're so glad you were able to come!

2:31 PM  

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