Thursday, July 10, 2008

NAACP Convention/Online Interview

We're getting ready to head to Cincinnati for the NAACP Convention--we'll be at the Author's Pavillion:

Saturday, July 12th: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM..
Sunday, July 13th: 2:00 PM - 4:00

Unfortunately we'll miss Barack Obama's speech on Monday night because we'll be on our way back home but we'll let you know how Cinci goes next week!

And just in case you haven't read/heard enough about us, one of our supporters has posted a very in-depth (50 QUESTIONS!!) interview with us on her MySpace blog.
The questions run from professional to the personal- so check it out if you're interested. An excerpt from the interview is below.

V- I am not surprised. What Does Donna do to relax? Elaborate.An ideal day of heaven on earth for you is what?

D-- There's been so little time to relax in the last five years that it's almost hard to remember! Some time on a quiet beach, strolling, listening to the water lap against the shore. Or canoeing on a lake with beautiful scenery and wide open spaces. I live in NYC. I crave air and space and light and peace. I'd love a terrific meal, whether it's in a wonderful restaurant or by a campfire. And add some music, preferably live. Jazz is my favorite, but I'm flexible. I'd like to start right now!

V- LOL....Virginia, same question?

VdB-- By day, lounging in a chair by the sea with a frosty beverage and a great book, by night--having great conversation, a great meal and dancing under the stars. You can guess what comes after that part...

V- Yes I can imagine.(big smiles) You two are a mess. but they say work hard play hard! You ladies defintely work hard....

V-- Where do you see yourselves in the next 10 years professionally? Will you always write together?

VdB&D-- I think we're just trying to grow as we go...and don't really project where we'll be in the next 10 years. Hopefully still having people enjoy our stories both on the page and the screen.

D-- We each have stories we'd like to tell separately, and we plan to tackle that one day--we just don't know when.V- Well I am sure that they will be well received either way, when an author puts good work out here, that's all that matters to the readers. V-- What has been your favorite book out of all the ones you have penned thus far, and who is your favorite character and why? (for both ladies)

VdB&D--That's like asking a parent which child they like the best... each of them has their own particular place in our hearts and today the number one spot might belong to What Doesn't Kill You--the book that's coming out next year!

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