Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Knocked Up: A Double Standard?

Knocked UP: A Double Standard?

So this Labor Day was pretty special for the Republican Vice Presidential nominee—she announced (in order to quell rumors) that she would become a grandmother—at 44 because her UNWED, TEENAGE daughter is with child. And the Neo-con, radical pro-life, evangelical right rallied to their (Sarah and Bristol) sides faster than they can say McCain. “We admire her.” “She is not perfect. Her family isn't perfect. But they are loving. And they get through it together." “How she handles her family life is not our business.” (These quotes are from various blogs about the Palin baby news.)

In an AOL online poll, 46% of responders felt that this news doesn’t change their opinion of Sarah Palin. Didn’t we all hear McCain touting what a great job she’d done with her family as one of her leading qualifications for being a heartbeat away from the Presidency? But we digress—back to the poll. 48% of the same responders said that this revelation (and that she used her influence as governor to try and get her former brother in law fired and once was a member of a group that wanted Alaska to secede from the US) indicated that McCain’s vetting of Palin was “good” to “excellent.”

Which says what? People don’t want to know what they don’t want to know? We would rather stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and plunge ahead led by whoever is in front of the pack? Isn’t that how we got where we are today—with the largest deficit in history? In the midst of an unwinnable war for oil we don’t have? With increasing high school drop out rates? Ranked #48 in life expectancy? The list could go on—and on... but we really want to get to our burning question:

We’re not paranoid or anything—but--- what would happen if it was Barack’s (or whoever the Democratic candidate was) 17 year old daughter who was pregnant out of wedlock.? Would the Republicans and right wing radio be on it like “white on rice” pun intended, or would they be as supportive, respectful, and understanding as they are being with Miss Palin and her family? We checked Rush Limbaugh’s site. What we found was a piece called “Sarah Palin: Babes, Guns and Jesus.” Truth is, if Chelsea Clinton turned up pregnant and unmarried, even now as an adult, Hilliary would have been royally roasted. What’s the deal?

For another interesting perspective check out Michael Moore’s (Sicko) most recent post on his website http://www.michaelmoore.com/.

We’d love to hear what you think...

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posted by DeBerry and Grant at 9:52 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this just goes to show that what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Your "boy" Obama has been treated like a god and can do no wrong, and the media, and Obama "followers" alike, have found anything and everything they can to bash McCain. As a once single, teenage mother, I'm APPALLED at your lack of sympathy, understanding and pure biased opinion because she's white. If she was a black woman who's daughter was "knocked up" as you so disgustingly put it, what would your blog say today. Nothing! You'd be backing her regardless. The same people who want to bash this woman for having a daughter who's pregnant, are the same people who stood behind the Clinton while he was getting blow jobs in the Oval Office. I'm so confused by all of your double standards. And if you need to know what's wrong with the world today...just reread your blog. And if that's all you can find wrong with Sara, thank God it's not the laundry list that I can find in your candidate.

10:42 AM  
Blogger debs said...

This pregancy announcement, i believe was to head off the real rumours that Palins 5 month old is really her grandson, as documented pictures show Palin with no belly and mysteriously Bristol was pulled out of school for "infectious mono" for 5 months at the same time of this so-called pregnancy of Sara. Then she goes to Texas, says her water broke, gives a speech, and then flies via commercial airlines back to home to give birth. What responsible mother gets on two airplanes while in "labor" with their water broke? Its truly looks like Bristol was the one in labor and she had to get there in time-
but i digress.

The Republicans are just a party of liars and hypocrites that are expert at spin. These are not family values that Sara Palin shows, rather the worst example if you ask which you did. With a 5 month old (supposedly) with downs syndrome, how the heck is she supposed to help run this country? Or is she passing her mothering responsibilities off to someone else? That's family values? What about her daughter, pregnant for the first or even second time at 17? If you do the math, the boyfriend should be arrested for statutory rape like Genarlow WIlson of Georgia was, and he didn't get anyone pregnant; her boyfriend is 18 and she was 16 upon conception.

DOUBLE STANDARDS for republicans?? Seems so, but they are so righteous. Republican tell me my vote doesn't count in the next election cause they're going to win - and i believe them.

If that happens, we are moving to UK - as this country is going down quick.

11:32 AM  
Blogger DeBerry & Grant said...

Dear Anonymous,

We'd like to point out that we said nothing in our blog about white or black. Not one word. We in fact drew this very clearly along political party lines and said "whoever the democratic candidate was." That you saw race and chose to play that card says so much more than our blog.

We do have sympathy for a pregnant 17 year old. Children having children is rarely a good idea. It's hard enough dealing with this within your own family. And at very least the state of Alaska would have been involved. Not the entire country. Which is why we wonder why Gov. Palin decided that it was OK to put her daughter through the trauma and scrutiny that was certain to arise from this.


12:06 PM  
Blogger debs said...

"Anonymous" - would you have wanted your mother to run for VP when you were a single teen and pregnant, exposing you to the vitirol we are all seeing and hearing?

What galls me is that not just the Republicans, but Palin herself, denounces sex ed in school and has a "abstinance only" view, which had she not maybe her daughter wouldn't be in this mess. This is not a black or white issue either. Its about all of us. So, now that Bristol is pregnant, what does that say to all teenaged girls? Its ok for her and the whole country feels bad for them, but leave them alone? Will that really apply or work for other girls in some family in your city where it is likely the girl is thrown out of the house or worse? Hardly not.

Its the Republicans, and "ANONYMOUS" who live by the double standards, not me or the dems. Republicans are so full of family values, anti-gay, etc., then they turn around and espouse this crap. THEY are the ones with the double standards.

And if you feel so strongly about this, why are you anonymous? Reeks of hypocriscy, again.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Shawna said...

Why on earth would someone think race has ANYTHING to do with this issue? This is about different political reactions to an unwed teenage mother, not race.

But you’re totally right about the double standard, ladies: if this had been the daughter of a Democratic candidate--or even if the son of a Democrat had knocked up a girl--that Democrat would have been crucified by the GOP for a "shameful lack of parenting."

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really a shame that Ms. Palin is so hungry for power and to be a part of history, she would sacrifice her family. Her unwed 17 year old daughter is pregnant yet she says 'we'll be there to support her'. How much support does she expect to be able to give while possibly being the second most powerful person in the country? Sure, she can hire nannies for her grandchild and have private tutors for her daughter but that does not take the place of your mother physically being there for you as well as emotionally. As far as the baby with downs syndrome, I can't speak too much on that because I don't have a child with special needs but I do know what it's like raising 2 kids with an involved husband. It's difficult. Fortunately, I have flexibility with my job so I can leave early on some days and take my kids to the doctor, dentist or whatever. Not the same type of flexibility being the VP. Bottom line is you need to be able to handle your own household before you go trying to handle other people's household. She needs to focus on her family because you can not do both. She'll either be a great VP and a terrible wife and mother or a great wife and mother and a terrible VP. She needs to choose where her priorities are and apparently she has.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Obama supporter who does NOT think he's a messiah -- just a damn good candidate! This original post is not a "pure biased opinion." The point was clearly made that if this were a Democrat -- Chelsea Clinton was mentioned specifically, and the lsat time I checked, she's pretty white -- there would be a different response. It's a valid point. And I acknowledge that the pun "white on rice" was mentioned and intended, but that was not the thrust of this post. Let's not kid ourselves here. There is a double standard for Republicans and Democrats, for black and white. George W. Bush, a draft dodger, was elected president thanks to the Swift Boat attacks on Kerry, a decorated war hero. Do you remember the coverage on THAT issue? Let's get real about the country we are living in and what "sells." There IS a double standard, in regard to party, power and race. Until we wake up to those facts and hit them head on, we are in trouble. The "bashing" here is not about an unwed teen; the point was about the way it is covered and perceived based on who that teen is. And it's not this original post, but that bias, that gives me pause about what I think is really wrong with the world today.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Obama supporter who does NOT think he's a messiah -- just a damn good candidate.

The media has found no wrong with my "boy" (are you serious here discussing a race bias using this language?)? Need I remind you of the Reverend Wright debacle? Of Bill Clinton primary comments? Of Michelle being called his "baby mama"? And I won't even touch the "Muslim (non!) connection"!

But that is an aside: The thrust of this post was about BIAS based on party affiliation.

I grant you there was included an intended pun, "like white on rice," but the point was specifically made about how the coverage of this pregnancy would be different if this were Chelsea Clinton -- who the last time I checked is a Democrat and, yes, white.

The point here is there is a bias regarding coverage. I feel compelled to point out that George W., the draft dodger, was defeated by the "Swift Boating" of a decorated war hero four years ago. Race was not an issue in this instance; party surely was.

Let's get real about what goes on in this country. This original post did not bash an unwed teen!!!! The phrase "knocked up" was used to illustrate how this situation is viewed. The point was that depending on the one with child, it is viewed either as being "knocked up," or as an admirable position.

It pointed out bias in the coverage of such an event and prompted discussion about how this is perceived. And there IS a difference in coverage and perception: in regard to party and, yes, to race.

Until we get real about these discrepencies, I fear "what's wrong in the world today." If we don't wake up and get honest about what is driving these biases, we are doomed.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

White,black,yellow,red or brown. This drama is what it is. We as citizens need to focus our energy in finding which candidate will best deal with our country's mounting problems. Let's worry about the economy,fuel, and our ever-present roles in dealing with other countries.
Yes, it is a shame when a child brings a life into this world but I assure you this will not be the last time this happens. But let us focus on the issues that are crippling this country and ALL people in it.God bless America. We need it!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Kesha said...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,

All of this has gotten completely out of hand. No matter what people tell their children, they are prone to do what they are going to do. Remember when you were rebellious? It's sad to see that because we are so crazy about Barack or McCain that we start buying into the media and their ploy to increase their ratings with stupidity. Yes, we could talk about Sarah Palin's firing of her brother in-law and her grandbaby to be (with statistics that I see and the actual visuals , are quite a norm for both blacks and whites) We can talk about her being govenor doesn't give her the experience to be V.P. We can also talk about Mr. Obama's shady land/house deal with Rezko or his ties to a known terrorist. What really gets me is the idea that being in the Senate and community service work will ever trum executive decision making no matter how small the state is. I am really tired of this reverse racism/racism/sexism/machoism/arrogance line of thinking. When it boils down to it, this is what we have- a candidate who makes big promises, pops his collar, and changes his mind every second and one who lets us know that he has no clue what to do about the economy. The truth of the matter is, the country is going to be in big trouble no matter what. As for Sarah Palin, I'm not mad at her. I'm actually sick of women coming to me telling me how they want their kids out of the house so they can get their lives back. Here's a woman who is showing just because she is a woman who has kids, she can still do great things. If for nothing else, give her some respect for that.

7:13 PM  

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