Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This Turkey Day, we are NOT working!! Woo Hoo!!

Some of you may remember that last year we worked all through the holidays including Christmas and New Year's--because we had a deadline. This year, although we are working on a book that is due in the spring, we do get to have a little time off for the holidays! But the book we were slaving over last Thanksgiving, What Doesn't Kill You, will be out January 6! We will be sharing more about What Doesn't Kill You starting next week--including a contest. But today, on Thanksgiving eve, we wanted to let you know that we are grateful for the support you've shown us over the years and to share with you some of the many other things for which we are truly appreciative. . .

We are thankful for our families and friends whose love and support we cherish.

We are thankful for good health and the good health of our loved ones.

We are thankful for the gifts we have been given and the privilege of sharing them with others.

We are thankful for the shelter that protects us and the food that nourishes our bodies.

We are thankful for all the material things that we have been fortunate enough to gather in our lives.

We are thankful for whatever we have in our bank accounts. We are thankful for being able to travel and visit some far away places.

We are thankful for the new administration and hopeful about the future--despite the precarious time we currently find our country in.

We are thankful for the success and happiness that the people we care about have achieved.

We are thankful for each other’s friendship.

We are thankful for the grace of The Creator, whose blessings we feel every day.

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