Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting By

Just before What Doesn’t Kill You was released, we asked you to share your Best Broke Story with us and many of your essays blew us, (and our judge, Deborah Owens) away! And we learned, for sure, that the stuff that doesn’t kill us, definitely makes us stronger.

Now we’re asking you for a different take on the same subject. In WDKY, our main character Tee is forced by circumstances to re-evaluate and change her spending habits. She learns to take a lunch to work instead of ordering in or going out, that store brands and/or generics are, in most cases, just as good as the expensive name brand, that she actually can do her own nails and that shopping gets you a bag full of stuff---not happiness.

March 9 the NY Times had an article called Belt Tightening Tickles Up—about downscaling vacations, wearing 10 year old dresses to charity events.

A local supermarket here in NJ has a brand new display of hand-held scanners to carry with you while you shop, so you can keep a running total of your purchases and not go over budget. Maybe it’s that $1.69 box of Duncan Hines double fudge mix instead of the $10.99 bakery cake?

So our question to you is (and we’ll ask again, once every week): What changes are you making to get through these tough economic times? What are you doing differently in order to get by? Send us your ideas—either leave them here as comments or email your idea to us at and we’ll post them. Once a week, for the next six weeks, we’ll pick a winning suggestion and that person will receive either a TiffiBag or an autographed copy of Gotta Keep on Tryin’. BTW we’re still accepting Broke Stories at the same email address.

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posted by DeBerry and Grant at 2:51 PM


Anonymous CTR said...

Peace Virginia and Donna,

I think the situation with the economy represents a great time for people to make green lifestyle changes that support both their wallet and the environment. To that end, I have installed a water filter on my kitchen sink to reduce pollutants and eliminate the need for bottled water. I was buying 7-9 gallons a week. Now, I get highly filtered water from the tap. I've also installed Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs to reduce my electric bill. These bulbs are more pricey than regular bulbs on the front end, but they last around 5 years and only use 25% of the energy of their counterparts. Hope this helps.


5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in usually, the weather is pretty good. What I do, I take the bus to work at least 3 days a week. It gives me time to read and just relax for 20-25 minutes. It could always be another way to nextwork too!!

Look at it this way:

Your car doesn't know if it's a Lexus or a 55 Buick!! It stays in the parking lot ALL day....why not cive your nerves and the car a break!!!

6:32 PM  
Blogger JC Martin said...

Before the economic crisis I had convinced my husband to take his lunch to work. That saves us a good $7-$20 a day. I started making him a couple sandwiches for his breakfast, which eliminated another $5-$8 dollars spent. He brings snacks and a gallon of filtered water from the tap with him every day. So not only are we saving money, he's staying healthy as well.

We installed a digital thermostat, which we programed with our desired temperature which helps to cut back on electricity.

I also cook a couple meals out of one pack of meat. I was surprised to watch Oprah and a guest chef suggested the same thing. I will make lasgna and nachoes from one pack of ground turkey. Now I need to try his turkey noodle shepherd's pie and sloopy joes.

We also shop with a shopping list, which helps us not buy things we don't need.

The best thing is to have all my kids read even more than before in an attempt to keep the televisions off and their minds stimulated. And when they tire of that outside to play in the yard, gives them the necessary execerise.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Marshel said...

Hi Ladies.

The things that I have done was take the home phone out of the house and use our celluar phones. Also since we are with Tmobile I turned the house into a HOTSPOT that means all calls from the cell at home are free.
I have start cooking most nights if time allow it for the family.
I have taken the time to stream line all my bills and see what can be taken off as a luxury that we dont use but think we need.
I purchase most store brand names because to be honest Kroger Diet Coke taste better than the real thing. LOL
Finally my Prince Matthew my 8 year old son was told what the recession is and how it will effect him with this toys and eating out. My son is usually not deny much from my whole family but I have spoken to them and said that he needs a reality check just like mom and dad!

2:11 PM  

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