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Virginia Donna
DeBerry & Grant

From the bestselling dynamic duo who gave us What Doesn’t Kill You, comes a story as big as New York City itself. Enter the world of Uptown where you’ll find a prominent New York family strained to the breaking point by the high stakes Manhattan Real Estate Industry…....

After twenty years of Foreign Service abroad, Avery Lyons returns to New York when her mother and uncle suffer a serious car accident. The tragedy brings the family together, but Avery is not happy about reuniting with her cousin, Dwight, from whom she has been estranged since the fallout over a college scandal. Avery no longer recognizes the tony, prestigious neighborhood of her childhood but the same old family dynamics and secrets are all too familiar. ....

Heir to a real estate empire, Dwight is willing to do anything to realize his aging and demanding father’s dream: Dixon Plaza, a luxury high-rise development on Central Park North, the last undeveloped border of the city’s famed emerald park. There’s only one thing in his way: Avery has inherited a share of the property Dwight needs. She’s more than willing to sell until she starts dating a reporter on a mission to uncover the truth behind the rumored shady dealings surrounding the complex. ....

Uptown is DeBerry and Grant like you’ve never seen them before—a poignant exploration of one woman’s quest for identity and the true price of greed, politics, unfettered ambition--- and forgiveness. Prepare for a steamy, provocative, sexy, turbulent read…

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Blogger Chrystal said...

I discovered your blog through Bernice's Naki blog, and I am so glad I did. I've been reading some of your older post, riveting. I can't wait to read to read "Uptown."

Keep up the excellent work.

1:56 PM  

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