Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Top 10 Signs that We are Within a Week of Publication

The first article about us as authors, back when we wrote Exposures as Marie Joyce, appeared in a newspaper called The New York Press. It was generated because WE sent out a press release. We had had a great editor, but there was no publicity or marketing budget for that book. Hell, our entry level—read minute—advance (divided in half, paid out in thirds) was barely enough for dinner out and a cab ride home from the restaurant, so we were left to our own devices to create whatever buzz we could for our freshman effort. Somebody had to know we’d survived four months in an apartment together, living on sugar and caffeine to keep us awake and writing while the rest of New York City enjoyed spring, and that we now had a book to show for it. . . didn’t they? We thought so, and we were proactive even then—or was it that we didn't have sense enough to know better? No matter—occasionally ignorance leads you in the right direction.

In our press packet we included “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Exposures.” It definitely got us newspaper and TV coverage in Buffalo, New York, Virginia’s hometown. They are always welcoming to their hometown daughters (Donna has even been given a proclamation declaring her an official Buffalonian). But amazingly, our PR foray got us some ink in a New York City paper, which for newbie authors with an unheralded, unreviewed, unheard of paperback, was a little like winning an Olympic skating medal while wearing flip flops.

So, as an homage to that first adventure in shameless self-promotion, here are the Top Ten Signs that We are Within a Week of Publication: to continue reading, Click here

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