Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Color of Oprah

Virginia [11:14 A.M.]: So what is it with all the men wearing purple ties these days? You have to have seen them...they're all over the place
DONNA [11:17 A.M.]: Yeah, I noticed. There are deeper purple ones, lilac, mauve-- a lot like Easter egg colors. Not your typical "manly" colors. I've seen them on politicians, reporters, actors, but I haven't noticed them on the street yet.
Virginia [11:19 A.M.]: Can't be far behind. That's how trends go I guess. And it doesn't seem to matter what the political bent of the wearer is, purple seems to be the new power tie color. Are they channeling their inner Barney?
DONNA [11:21 A.M.]: Isn't Barney the opposite of powerful? Is this to fake us out? Make us think there is something kinder and gentler going on while they are hitting us between the eyes with some nasty news?
Virginia [11:22 A.M.]: I wouldn't put it past them. But you know I just realized that purple is what you get when you mix red and blue. Is this some kind of symbol of moderation and compromise? Or am I just being delusional?
DONNA [11:23 A.M.]: Now THAT is subliminal at its best! But media is not usually that subtle. I like it though. Shows you're awake and sufficiently caffeinated.
Virginia [11:26 A.M.]: Yes, I have had enough sleep and caffeine to get my thoughts flowing. And you know they work us over any way that can. They THINK they're subtle. Because they think we're stupid...which seems to be a recurring theme in our blog. That "they" think "we" are stupid. Are we paranoid or just plain smart and observant?
DONNA [11:27 A.M.]: What is it Forrest says? "Stupid is as stupid does." There is so much input every day and everybody's got an angle. It’s hard to keep up with all the angles.
Virginia [11:27 A.M.]: I thought Forrest talked about a box of chocolates? He said something about being stupid too? I don't remember.
DONNA [11:30 A.M.]: When Forrest was young and kids would tease him about being dim, his mother would say to ignore them. "Stupid is as stupid does," meaning the teasers were the dummies. A little more noble than “takes one to know one.”
Virginia [11:30 A.M.]: Oh I vaguely remember. It's before they get older and Jenny shouts "Run Forrest run!" huh?
DONNA [11:32 A.M.]: OK-- I think we've gone far enough with the Tao of Forrest.
And none of this tie stuff is coincidental. I don't think Tom Hanks, Anderson Cooper and Bill Clinton got together and went tie shopping. Hmm. That could be the start of a joke.
Virginia [11:33 A.M.]: Where's the farmer's daughter?
DONNA [11:33 A.M.]: Probably at the mall
Virginia [11:34 A.M.]: Is she at the Tie Rack?
DONNA [11:35 A.M.]: Could be--buying a purple tie for the farmer for Father's Day.
Virginia [11:37 A.M.]: Aaargh! I wonder if that will be the color of Father's Day ties this year...guess we'll see in a couple of weeks.
DONNA [11:41 A.M.]: Beats soap on a rope.
Virginia [11:42 A.M.]: Yep, or a pair of hideously striped pjs. I'm sure the purple tie craze is part of some angle. The ties say you can trust me. I'm a man confident enough to wear a sissy color and I understand the art of compromise, I am the middle ground. Ha!
DONNA [11:45 A.M.]: : But it also occurred to me that Oprah, by way of Alice Walker, has raised the profile of the color purple.
Virginia [11:47 A.M.]: I hadn't thought about the Op factor. But you may be right on the money there. If Op endorses it, it is immediately deemed good and trustworthy--lets make and sell as many as we can.
DONNA [11:49 A.M.]: So purple is the color of Oprah. And is anybody in America more trusted?
Virginia [11:50 A.M.]: So I guess we haven't actually figured out the genesis of the trend, but we know it's really there.
DONNA [11:51 A.M.]: And coming to a neck near you.
Virginia [11:51 A.M.]: I'll be on the look out...
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