Wednesday, June 20, 2007

". . . and the award for best music video from a novel goes to. . ."

What’s a writer to do? We know WRITE is the obvious answer. But now if you’re looking for gangbuster success, it seems ACTING (kind of) may also be a requirement. (Manny and the Socialites: Let’s Roll-New York Times June 17, 2007) How about a book music video which brings scenes from the book together with a pulsing soundtrack?

We have said before and will probably have occasion to say it again and again--- “it’s hard out here for a writer.” Our field is more crowded and competitive than ever, and sadly often incompetently derivative, but if it sells—so what? So now we have the author of The Manny, (which not so co-incidentally debuts today) yet another tome offering a sneaky peek at the taut, tummy-tucked underbelly of wealthy, privileged Manhattanites, promoting her book music video style, all of it covered in a New York Times Style section article no less. The story of the video, which was shot with an entire music video crew, in the opulent apartment of the author’s father on the upper east side of New York will air on (Sorry no link, but you can find it if you really want to see it.) You Tube —the greatest and worst addition to our twenty first century cybersphere. The book video also stars the authors socialite friends—including a tangential Kennedy connection.

The biggest question is who’s paying for this? The publisher? And will this be a new trend? Or is this only the province of a motivated author with really deep pockets? These days, it’s harder and harder for a writer without a “platform” (read connections) to be published. The publisher wants you to write, have a built in audience, a winning promotable personality—which should be enough. Now are we gonna have to produce and star in videos too?
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Anonymous Gumbo Gurl said...

Wow!, what an idea! I like it!

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