Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where have we been?

OK. So it’s officially been a year. Actually a couple of weeks shy of an anniversary, but who’s counting?
Where have we been? Why haven’t we been blogging? The answer is one in the same—We’ve been writing. We spent all of last summer and into the early fall, plotting Gotta Keep on Tryin’ the sequel to 1997’s Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made, which as we mentioned before, was a scary proposition. It was very difficult to gear both of ourselves up to put pen to paper—fingers to keyboard and rejoin the lives of Gayle, Pat and Marcus—which were clearly already in progress. So after we held our breath, jumped in and came up with a story outline—we had to write the book—which took the rest of the fall and winter. An example we’ve used often to illustrate how much we were “in the writing cave” is that Virginia only bought gas twice between Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day. Our days and nights were long and in between we tried to eat and sleep—which didn’t leave much time for recreational writing—which blogging is in a way.
So-- nostra culpa. But now Gotta Keep on Tryin’ is finished and will be in the stores in January 2008 and we’re really going to try and do better, post a couple of times a week—even though we’ve already started the next novel. So watch out. You may get what you ask for.

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