Friday, July 06, 2007

Who's Counting?!

Birthdays come and birthdays go---and quite obviously, the longer you’re around the more coming and going there is. Today is Virginia’s birthday and let’s just say she’s seen a goodly amount of birthday traffic. But neither of us is of the, “Woes is me. I’m getting older,” school. We have lived each and every one of those years—some great, some awful, but we claim all of them and we’re grateful for the people who have graced us with their presence in our lives.

So we’re celebrating! Dinner and a party at one of our favorite restaurants—not because it’s a special number--round, odd, even, or milestone, but just because every year we’re still around is cause for rejoicing.

We didn’t do that for Donna’s birthday—which was a milestone year—but we were in the throes of writing—a deadline loomed and celebrating wasn’t on our minds or agendas, so we put it off. Shame on us! We shouldn’t (and we won’t) let either of our natal days go unmarked by festivities (cake, champagne, friends is enough—hold the presents) again. There are far too many folks who don’t get another year for those of us who do to take even one of them for granted.

And so tonight we will eat, drink, dance and make merry enough for both of us!

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posted by DeBerry and Grant at 4:33 PM


Anonymous Gumbo Gurl said...

Happy Birthday Virginia! Wishing you many blessings today and always. Have great fun tonight ladies!

8:52 PM  
Blogger DeBerry & Grant said...

Thanks for birthday wishes!We had a great time last night--there's no better combo than good friends, good food and good wine. And with Donna as designated driver as well as designated sane person, Virginia may have had bit too much of a time!!! She's paying for it today. But it was a PERFECT birthday!

2:53 PM  

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