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As most of you know, we are on deadline for a new book (What Doesn’t Kill You will be out January 2009) which is due to our publisher the day after New Years. So you can be sure we won’t be ringing in 2008 along with everyone else. Our celebration will happen when that baby is out of our hands--OK out of our computer, and delivered via the magic of the internet, to our editor. But trust us, we remember all to well deadlines where we printed—night and day ‘cause it takes a while to print 300, 400, 500 pages. Then we had to find an open Fed Ex location, or if it was really late, drive like maniacs on deadline day, fighting traffic all the way, to hand deliver the pages, so we are truly grateful for the convenience of the “SEND” button!

But because we are still working like crazy, there’s no real blog today. What we are posting instead is a few reviews of Gotta Keep on Tryin’ that have come in from book clubs around the country who were given the opportunity for an advance read. And please remember to check out our TOURS page on and the calendar on to see if we’ll be in or near your city while we’re on the road. We’d love to see you!!
“DeBerry and Grant have done it again as they give us an entertaining, empowering and enlightening read with mature adults and realistic situations. They give us characters and situations that we can relate to and identify with. Memorable characters that we will not soon forget. Gotta Keep on Tryin' is recommended to readers of well-written storylines and fans of DeBerry and Grant who have anxiously awaited this sequel. Pick up a copy today...I do not believe you will be disappointed.”
-A Place of Our Own Book Club a.k.a. APOOO

“Reading Gotta Keep Tryin’ was like catching up with old friends who had been away for a while. Grant and DeBerry did it again with Pat, Marcus and Gayle, the characters from Tryin to Sleep in the Bed You Made. I found myself grabbing my old throw, some herbal tea, and a Do Not Disturb sign for the door. Such true-to-life scenarios that included laughter and growing pains. All I can say is give these characters their own series: The Power of Friendship.”-Sistahs Who Enjoy Reading Club (Lake Providence, LA)

“Gotta Keep Tryin’ proves that DeBerry and Grant can spin a gifted tale of two spirited women that find themselves on a wild journey through life that offers bumps in the road, detours around bends and the gratification of smooth sailing that only comes after time and patience. Gotta Keep on Tryin’ is a dynamic read with real life truths, struggles, secrets and battles that will touch the hearts, minds and souls of the readers. It is rare to find a sequel that can stand on its own and capture a reader's attention with such force. DeBerry and Grant have outdone themselves and have once again left the undying yearning for a follow-up.”-Words of Inspiration Book Club (Atlanta, Georgia)

"Expect the unexpected as you maneuver your way through an emotional maze. Pat, Gayle, and Marcus mirror the socially relevant issues of a contemporary, multitasking society. As you anticipate their next move you are forced to come to terms with your own strengths and weaknesses. An excellent read that is destined to cause you to prioritize your priorities. DeBerry and Grant, have done it again. Gotta Keep on Tryin' makes you want to give life a second chance."
-R.S.V.P Book Club (Bear, Delaware)

“Gotta Keep on Tryin' by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant was an awesome read. It is mind boggling how two women can write such an incredible story together. Since having read Gotta Keep on Tryin' I have read all three of their other intriguing books. Need I say more.”
-When Sunday Comes Book Club (San Jose, California)

“Donna and Virginia have done it again. I mean, they really know how to put a story together. I was intrigued from the moment I read the first page to the end. They make you truly take a wholehearted interest in the characters and make them real with real issues and problems. They never try to give you the answers to all of the characters issues at the end. They need to teach some of these new authors it's not always about dumbing down characters and making them seem invincible but make them human and believable. I love them!”
-Sistas Are Reading Book Club (East Orange, NJ)

“This was a fantastic read! I love to read about women who can learn to achieve. Achievement is hard work and you have to learn to overcome things in life. This book did just that, ladies keep writing for us.”
-Ladies Affair Book Club (Chattanooga, TN)

“The book was really awesome. I think this book is a great read. I know once you get started, you will not be able to put it down.”
-The Distinct Ladies and Gentlemen Book Club a.k.a DLG Book Club (Memphis, TN)

"DeBerry and Grant pen a story that's so real. They address issues of friendship, business, marriage, the sports world and being a parent. Sometimes it felt like looking in the mirror. Gotta Keep on Tryin' shows the readers what an honest friendship is all about."
-Ladies of Color Turning Pages Book Club (Los Angeles, CA)

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