Sunday, January 27, 2008


The road is great—and we’re really burning the candle at both ends so it’s pretty hard to squeeze a blog. We can’t even squeeze in food. Our first meal on Thursday was at 9:30PM (with Mother Rose—proprietress and guiding spirit of Underground Books in Sacramento). Hell, we had Whoppers for breakfast on Friday morning in the Sacramento Airport.

Our days start with very early mornings—5 am radio talk shows, or making our way to the airport. The middle is filled with a plane ride, a car trip and/or many “drive by” book signings—where we run into a book store (already selected by our publisher and our escort), meet staff and management, deface property—oops we mean sign books (the ones you SHOULD find neatly stacked in the front of the store with the “autographed” stickers on them) then head to a signing event, followed by more drive bys and usually a local news paper and the there’s a evening signing/reading event. That’s about the time we pass out and get ready for the next day. Vitamins alone would not keep us going. It’s the folks we meet along the way who give us energy. Thanks a bunch!

We had a really terrific interview with Dominique DiPrima from the Front Page on KJLH –FM and there were lots of folks who came out because they heard us on the radio! Thanks Dominique! We’ve had a ball meeting many of you Californians who’ve come out to see us including readers of our blog and our MySpace friends!!! Who knew? San Fran, Oakland, Sacramento, Torrence, LA (where it really does rain---REALLY HARD) and today is Long Beach—and what will be a great brunch, sponsored by Tabahani Book Club (guess we should wrap this up and hit the shower), before we head to the airport and on to Atlanta. IF the plane is on time we should arrive around 1AM.

It’s all amazing. Thank you. We’re beat but happy! Pictures are coming, we promise.

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