Thursday, February 07, 2008


We have arrived in the video village. Right after our deadline for the next book and before we hit the road, or the Tarmac as the case may be, to promote Gotta Keep on Tryin’, we spent a few hours with a videographer—graciously sent by our publisher, Touchstone/Simon&Schuster—who interviewed us in our “work environment” —which is usually the jumbled office at Virginia’s place. We cleaned up the lunch crumbs and a lot of the clutter for the occasion. We’re usually surrounded by papers, books, magazines, empty plates, soda cans, coffee cups—you get the picture. And we never look this pulled together on a serious work day—makeup, dangly earrings—nope, doesn’t happen. But that is the computer—complete with vintage monitor. OK, it’s really just old. The hard drive it sits on is about two hard drives ago—maybe three. Now it’s just there as a monitor stand. We’ve got some catching up to do technologically, but it still computes faster than we can think.

AND now we’re on YouTube!!!! (and and we’re also working to get the video on our website, blog, MySpace page etc.) It’s a little freaky. We were just talking about how once a year—often at Christmas time—our families would set up the 8mm and the slide projector so everybody could look at old family movies and photos. Now we’re online and a whole lot more than our families can watch.

We were also on TV in Atlanta and have included that link too!

So take a look-let us know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here: YouTube - Gotta Keep on Tryin'

Click here: MyFox Atlanta DeBerry, Grant Return with Gotta Keep on Tryin

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