Monday, February 18, 2008


Happy President’s Day to all who are enjoying an extra day of rest...or shopping!

You know how you make soup from lots of good stuff that’s leftover in the refrigerator. We do. Soup is a major food group, especially when we’re writing. Well, we’ve got a bunch of juicy tidbits to share, while you have a few extras moments to check ‘em out, so here goes :

First, thanks to Connie Briscoe who has included us among her interviewees at
Connie Briscoe Presents — Page One –our Q&A is posted now.

And in honor of Black History Month, some of your favorite authors are being featured on two websites:
“29 Days of Wit, Wisdom and Perspective”
During the month of February, join us as each day we will spotlight a different author and recognize their contribution to African American Literature. Celebrating African-American History- It's Authors, Poets, and Leaders - Welcome
SLS Black History Month Online Book Fair

“Vision Driven by Some Higher Power”
February 1-29, 2008
Event entirely ONLINE
In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.Martin Luther King
Get Started with the Book Fair by clicking this link Panel

Discussions with Featured AuthorsBlack Authors Network Internet Radio dial-in number (646) 200-0402Chat live in the BAN Black Author Network BlogTalk Chat room

And our friend Eisa’s Blog, features two posts about writing awards from Go On Girl! Book Club—

They are sponsoring a fiction competition for unpublished writers with a hefty $500 prize. The postmark deadline is March 15, 2008. The other award is a $500 scholarship for an aspiring writer. Application details are on the blog. Sounds like a great opportunity!

Go On Girl! Book Club was founded in 1990 and now has 30 chapters around the country. We were fortunate enough to receive their New Author of the Year award for Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made in 1998.

OK—enough for now. We don’t want to take up the whole day. Later in the week we’ll share another bowl full—more photos from book tour, and more items of interest.
By the way, thanks for all of you who have watched our video on YouTube (—we have almost a thousand views!!! Please tell all your friends to take a peek there, on or If you haven’t had a chance, and you find yourself with a spare 2 minutes and 21 seconds, please give us a peek—it’s a quickie look at where we write and how.

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