Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Barack's Groove...

The Democratic and Republican conventions, poll bounces and bumps, Sarah Palin. . . Has it got ya down, Bunky? It has been such an intense few weeks along the campaign trail. How about a little release? Maybe it’s time to stand up and get your groove on—Barack’s Groove that is.


Newark NJ rappers Tex-N-D (Zaquan Williams) and Davon Edward, known as “D” (Hey, Donna thought that was her rapper name. Guess she’ll have to go as DG) wanted to find a way to stoke the interest of their unregistered peers and decided to hit them where they dance. So get up, shake off your groove thing and all that political pressure, and check out, “Barack’s Groove.” Oh, and pass it on to any youthful, unregistered voters you know. Here is a link to voter registration deadlines in all 50 states (including Alaska).


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