Thursday, September 04, 2008

Falling Down

From Virginia

Last week, I was in Buffalo for my mom's 85th and her cataract surgery—what a combo. All went well –we partied for four days because as my mom said “I don’t turn 85 everyday!” Then, after the festive weekend, I accompanied her for surgery on Monday, and although she said, “It feels like I have a bucket of sand in my eye,” the doctor assured us all was (and is) fine. So I headed back home on Wednesday after a full frontal family week.

The drive was uneventful—I actually enjoy “car time” because it gives my mind a chance to wander while I’m looking at lovely scenery—mostly rural farmland in PA and NY. I made excellent time, felt great and was actually planning to join friends who were going out for dinner. But then--while bringing in all the crap from the trunk of my car (which I had first unloaded to the patio ) I walked through the slider, over the threshold and FELL. Some who know me well, will say, “Uh huh--what else is new?” You see--for those of you who are unaware—I am a world-class faller—down the stairs at Penn Station, flat out on a Chicago street during BEA, over a curb on my way for a root canal—I’ll spare you the full list but, it dates back at least a couple of decades. I’m sure you get the picture. Anyway Kerplat!! There I was. I spent a full 10 minutes sprawled on the concrete patio floor while I tried to figure out (1) whether I had or I had not fractured some obscure bone and, (2) how to get my butt up.

So, while Donna was home in Brooklyn sautéing squash and listening to the DNC roll call (see blog 8/27/08) I lay there contemplating my predicament. My cell phone was in the house, the “real” phone was in the house. Might a neighbor stroll by? Fact: I live in a very quiet neighborhood without a lot of strollers-by. So I’m wondering how long it’s gonna take me to move or for help to come along. That’s when I was spurred into action by a big old black spider coming to check out what just landed in her web. YIKES!! Well, I had to get up then, because any creature that has more than four legs both creeps AND freaks me out. Donna says I have “bug-dar” because I can spot a critter 50ft away while I’m in the dark, in the middle of a conversation, watching movie, or, in this case, flat on my butt. So quick fast and in a hurry, I righted the wrought iron chair I had knocked over, put the cushions from the seat on the floor, and using the chair arms, got to my knees. And by some additional means I cannot actually recreate (unless there was another bug threat involved), somehow managed to elevate myself from the dirty, spider ridden (OK, I do get a little dramatic when spiders are involved) slab of cement and dragged me and my luggage inside.

It turns out nothing was broken, just sprained, swollen and hurting. Yep, klutz woman does it again. But heck it's been a year since I fell down the stairs at my friend’s house in Atlanta (see blog entry for 8/13/07) and 4 years since I actually needed an emergency room. And because I have so much experience with injury to my pedal extremities I am in possession of a stockpile of supplies. I keep ice packs in the freezer. My stash of Ace Bandages is more than adequate for the local touch football league. I own both crutches AND a cane. I even have an inflatable ankle air cast as well as a plastic leg cover meant to protect a real cast while showering. I also have become very adept at treatment options.

So I've spent most of the past week with my foot/ankle elevated and iced and POUTING—I find that pouting always helps! I'm OK. Actually got myself a ride (I was taking painkillers from a previous fall so driving was out) to my favorite restaurant for a Bacardi & Barack viewing party for the acceptance speech. Glad I could attend since it was an event I had suggested to the owners. I'm off heavy drugs now, relying solely on the analgesic properties of ibuprofen and trying to get back to work—we’ve got a new book to write!

DG—Fortunately, writing can be done sitting down!

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Blogger Carleen Brice said...

Glad you're ok.

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