Friday, December 05, 2008

Different as____________________?

From VDB:
Donna and I are very different. We have mentioned this a number of times, often citing it as the key to both our friendship and our collaboration. But her recent post about the passing of the legendary singer Odetta once again underscored that difference.

In 1960, while Donna (who still had baby teeth) was listening to revolutionary, civil rights music performed by the aforementioned Odetta, Miriam Makeba and contemplating the cultural aspects of wearing an Afro, I was a pre-teenager, longing for my first training bra, listening to the Shirelles (for you young’uns, they pre-date the Supremes) singing Solider Boy and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?. I watched 77 Sunset Strip every Friday night on TV and longed to move to LA and drive a convertible. I wanted to be Annette Funicello, Leslie Uggams, Gidget, any of the “Tammys” and Diahann Carroll. I wasn’t thinking about changing the world. I wasn’t planning my future I just wanted to grow up so I could have some real grown up fun.

Like I said–we’re SO different. But as polar opposites as our childhood idols were, we both learned to dream – and believe that our possibilities for the future were whatever we wanted them to be.

(BTW I haven't moved to LA, but I do have a convertible--and let's just say that my training bra worked overtime.)

DG:Which all goes to show, there are many roads to take you where you need to go!

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