Monday, March 01, 2010

Uptown has landed!!

It's Official-Uptown has landed and should be on the shelves at bookstores near you!

We say should, because, well, lets just say, sometimes they don't make it out of the stockroom in time for their big debut. This is where we need your help. If you go to find the book and it's not where it should be, first, please ask a sales associate to find it for you. And if they tell you they don't have it, be sure to let us know (even if they offer to order it for you, which is fine)! We need to know the store name and address so we can report it to our publisher. They are looking closely at early sales numbers (a lot like that first weekend at the box office for movies), but if the books aren't out they can't be purchased, so we need to let them know. So consider yourselves deputized as the Uptown Patrol!

The day a book comes out is still both exciting and scary, but we're strapped in for the ride. We thank you for continuing to take the ride with us and we look forward to your comments about Uptown.

Uptown-Amazon and Uptown-B&N
posted by DeBerry and Grant at 8:39 PM


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