Monday, July 09, 2007

The Post Birthday Fog Blog

OK.--someone should have been counting bottles of champagne—or at least glasses in the hand of Miss Birthday. The celebration went very late and ONE of us took two days to recover from an excess of champagne, sushi, dancing and fun (the other had possession of the car keys, which didn’t dampen the fun. She will sip champagne another day). But of course, Virginia is a year older now so recouping may be a bit more difficult. Two restaurants, two parties, tons of friends—all pulled together at the last minute—and maybe that’s the way to do it. No long range planning and fretting the small stuff to gum up the intention—which should be to “play nicely with others.”

Sometimes it seems when we get into the long range details, we get bogged down in the minutiae (like the color of napkins) and forget the purpose of a party—whatever it’s for-- is to have a ball. That didn’t happen Friday night. There was no “save the date notice” no rsvps, just a quick email that went out Thursday—if you’re around, this is where we’ll be--join us.

And we can honestly say that a good time was had by all—especially the birthday “girl” (a stretch—but like we said last time, who’s counting?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Showing your Ass....

Two things...after having rejoining corporate america after a 5 year hiatus I have to say there are some "new" rules of engagement that were not in play before.
IF...the group of women talking and sharing and basically giving up all of their personal business just "happend" to include the boss and the boss just "felt" like sharing her new trade secret....
Your friend should remember this occasion for future reference,she should write it down if she feels it could become a "peep show" as opposed to a learning what's new in undergarments that shape, lift and seperate lesson and she should always get the name of the garment for her own personal information. Hell, she may have to use those same methods one day and having that knowledge at your fingertips is a hell of a lot better than NOT having it when you are trying to look fly in an outfit and need some "extra holding" power. For real-for real.
She should relax, relate and release just a tad. If her boss felt that sharing this much of her self was appropriate to do in a group of her subordinates, then they should ALL make sure they keep themselves on the side of NEVER going to far with her. Always having the boss who's a little more out there than you are in the corporate world can only prove to be a good thing in the long run. Just advise your friend to NEVER bring it up in a conversation with anyone that WAS NOT in the "sharing" circle and never bring it up to boss, unless SHE brings it up first. Trust and believe she will bring it up and the only way to keep it from being awkward is if your friend does not make it awkward. As long as old girl "thinks" she's one of the girls and she's "down" with her people she'll continue to share her trade secrets and make everyone feel like they are now empowered with the latest information that no else has.
Oh one last thing...what was the name of the new garment? Spanx is cool in the winter time when it's cold but it's to dang hot for the summer!!! :)
Hope to see you both soon....

9:42 AM  

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