Monday, February 04, 2008

We’re Baaaaaack!

. . .And we’re whupped. Seriously. Book tour is no joke. And it’s definitely not for sissies. It is in fact, a lot like the movie Groundhog Day—in different cities.

Typical 24hour Tour Day:

4:30 alarm for 7AM flight.
9AM meet your escort at baggage claim
9:30 AM Drive by stock signing
10:00 AM Drive by stock signing
10:30 AM Drive by stock signing
Munch on granola bar
11:00 AM Newspaper interview (after checking teeth for telltale leftover granola bits)
11:30 AM arrival for reading /signing event (and a bathroom yea!!)
12:00-2PM Bookstore signing event
2:30 PM Drive by stock signing on way to hotel check in
3:00 PM Hotel check in
3:15-4:30PM unpack, brush teeth, freshen up, check email, return calls
4:45PM Newspaper interview
5:30PM Drive by stock signing on way to evening book signing event
6:00PM Another drive by stock signing on way to evening signing.
Munch on string cheese and another granola bar
6:45 arrival for reading/signing event (and a bathroom yea!!)
7:00-9:00 Reading/Signing
9:30 depart event
10:00 back to hotel, or dinner with friends and/or family who came to see you. Hmmmm? Sleep or Eat? What a choice.
12:00 midnight back in hotel, pack for morning departure right after
4:30 AM alarm for a 5AM radio phone interview

But we had a BALL! Thank you for coming out to see us--it made crowded, uncomfortable planes, Whoppers for breakfast and sleep deprivation all worth it.

We’ll be back later in the week with pictures and stories to share.

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