Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting By Story Week 2

In our new book, What Doesn’t Kill You, our main character Tee is forced by circumstances to re-evaluate and change her spending habits. Last week w started a Getting By” story contest and yesterday we announced our first winner—Bryana C., from Aurora Colorado. The contest continues for five more weeks and a new winner will be announced next Wednesday.

So our question to you is (and we’ll ask again, once every week): What changes are you making to get through these tough economic times? What are you doing differently in order to get by? Send us your ideas—either leave them here as comments or email your idea to us at and we’ll post them. Once a week, for the next six weeks, we’ll pick a winning suggestion and that person will receive either a TiffiBag or an autographed copy of Gotta Keep on Tryin’. BTW we’re still accepting Broke Stories at the same email address.

Below are two of the entries we received for Week 1. We’ll post more of them, between now and next Wednesday and look forward to your comments and more helpful hints on how we can all make getting through these tough times a little easier.

I think the situation with the economy represents a great time for people to make green lifestyle changes that support both their wallet and the environment. To that end, I have installed a water filter on my kitchen sink to reduce pollutants and eliminate the need for bottled water. I was buying 7-9 gallons a week. Now, I get highly filtered water from the tap. I've also installed Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs to reduce my electric bill. These bulbs are more pricey than regular bulbs on the front end, but they last around 5 years and only use 25% of the energy of their counterparts. Hope this helps.

JC Martin
Before the economic crisis I had convinced my husband to take his lunch to work. That saves us a good $7-$20 a day. I started making him a couple sandwiches for his breakfast, which eliminated another $5-$8 dollars spent. He brings snacks and a gallon of filtered water from the tap with him every day. So not only are we saving money, he's staying healthy as well.We installed a digital thermostat, which we programed with our desired temperature which helps to cut back on electricity. I also cook a couple meals out of one pack of meat. I was surprised to watch Oprah and a guest chef suggested the same thing. I will make lasagna and nacho from one pack of ground turkey. Now I need to try his turkey noodle shepherd's pie and sloppy joes.We also shop with a shopping list, which helps us not buy things we don't need.The best thing is to have all my kids read even more than before in an attempt to keep the televisions off and their minds stimulated. And when they tire of that outside to play in the yard, gives them the necessary exercise.

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